Steen’s Dairy


Name: Steen’s Dairy

Services: IT Services

Location Serviced: Guelph, Ontario


After doing a full technology audit of Steen’s Dairy, we determined that they were doing all of their computer processes through a VPN connection to their parent company’s network and servers. This proved to be painfully slow and often disconnected them throughout the day, making work difficult. We recommended they set up their own server allowing most of their processes to be done locally, therefore increasing their productivity.


Our team set up new network hardware to allow them to have wireless services throughout the building, and also upgraded and improved their VPN connection to the head office. We acquired a new Dell server and set up a Microsoft server to manage their domain locally. We set up new Windows 7 workstations and connected their Apple iPhones and Blackberry devices to the new Microsoft server. Our team also managed their third party hardware and collection software on their own server, allowing head office to access data when needed through the VPN. This solution allowed them to run many aspects of the business with much greater control and speed, but also allowing the shared connection between both location’s networks and data.

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