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Over the past decade, Lunarstorm has built an extensive portfolio that showcases our professional work and expertise. We work with a variety of clients, ranging from sole entrepreneurs to national level corporations. Our experience spans a variety of industry sectors including industrial, commercial, financial, legal, logistics, education, government, healthcare and many more.

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About Us

Lunarstorm Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions to Canadian business. Owned and operated in Canada, Lunarstorm Technologies Inc. faces the same business challenges your company does and understands what is needed to run a successful business in Canada.

On top of custom software and web design, our services include a fully managed  IT computer service compliment that not only functions as your virtual IT staff; onsite or remote, but also as project managers to guarantee the successful integration of current and future technologies into your business.  Through Lunarstorm designed processes your business will benefit from unmatched standards in technical development, networking, data storage, data security, business computer setup, repair, disaster recovery and most importantly fanatical client support. Lunarstorm adds better business value!

Each business client we setup and manage defines the quality and integrity of our work. That’s why we put so much stock into each one of our projects, regardless of size or scope. We want to partner with you to guarantee our mutual business success whether it be virtual IT staffing;  software design & development, both custom and industry specific or business level web design.

In business for over 15 years, Lunarstorm is you go to team of hard working professionals that will bring your project to life. Working with individual sized businesses to companies with over 350 stores nationwide, Lunarstorm has the experience you need.

Our Team

Aidan Gillis

Leadership, Strategy, Sales

Ron Melanson

IT Director

Jasper Tey

Web/Software Development (Senior)

Zack Platt

Project Management, SEO

Jack Colvin

Web/Software Development (Junior)

Partnering with Lunarstorm Technologies Inc. can ensure your company a cost-effective solution that results in a quality end product. Reducing your cost of doing business and increasing your bottom-line. Be confident that your investment with us will deliver a high return. With over a two decade of experience Lunarstorm Technologies Inc. has built an extensive portfolio which we feel speaks to our quality and level of expertise. Working with a variety of clients, ranging from one-person operations to large nation wide corporations. Our experiences have spanned many sectors including, Industrial, Commercial, Financial Services, Legal, Logistics, Education, Government, and Healthcare in addition to many others.

Today Lunarstorm Technologies Inc. consists of a comprehensive team of professionals with diverse backgrounds which allows us to not only meet your IT demands but also provide your company with premium business level custom software and high quality web design. We are looking forward to working with you!

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