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In an age of big data and ever-changing technology, digital adoption is becoming more and more essential throughout industries. With the ever-changing landscape of the agriculture industry, digital tools and services are necessary to keep up with the competition. By investing in custom software, websites, and IT services that are tailored to the specific needs of the industry, companies can stay ahead of the curve and keep their operations running smoothly. A custom-made software system can save agricultural businesses time and money, as well as increase efficiency. A well-designed website can attract new customers and help to grow a business. IT Services that are tailored to the realities and challenges of agricultural work ensure your business runs smoothly, rain, shine, or snow.

Lunarstorm Technologies proudly serves many of the region’s premium agricultural businesses – large and small.

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Custom Software

The agriculture industry has long been an early adopter of new technology, and custom software is no exception. Farmers are using custom software to help with everything from crop management and work planning to yield tracking and accounting. Whole workflows from the field to the office are being digitised and optimised, allowing for more time to be spent talking to new clients or spending time with family. Custom software is helping the agriculture industry become more efficient and productive, and it is poised to help the industry meet the challenges of the future.

Check out some of our custom software portfolio pieces!

IT Services

Farmers and agriculture companies have a unique set of IT needs that differ from other industries. Your IT solution needs to include considerations about accessing data from anywhere, offline and mobile connectivity, and security. You might need a server on-site to ensure your staff can access software when the internet goes down. We provide recommendations and management of robust and reliable mobile data solutions so that you can connect to vital information at any time. Setup and management of frequent cloud/offsite backups for data protection is essential in order to keep your business secure.

Our expert IT team always takes the time to understand your business needs and recommends solutions to enable your productivity and increase your efficiency, while ensuring your systems are safe and secure.

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Web Design and SEO

So, what about websites? How important are these for farmers and other agricultural businesses? The agriculture industry is one of the most important industries in the world. It provides food for billions of people and is a major contributor to the global economy. The industry is constantly evolving and changing, and businesses and potential customers are expanding their online presence. A website is an essential tool that can attract new clients, give information about your business, and even provide a way to responsively communicate things like grain pricing to your clients!

There are many SEO services out there that can help promote your agricultural business. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can attract more visitors who are looking for information on the products or services that you offer. In addition, by using effective keywords, you can improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages. This can lead to more traffic and potential customers for your business. This can include things like optimizing website content for specific keywords related to the industry, as well as creating backlinks from high-quality websites. Linking your website to important social media platforms within agriculture, like twitter, can be a great way to promote agriculture-related content and help to boost your traffic and client outreach.

Explore our portfolio for more Web and SEO applications for the agriculture industry, or contact us now to get started on your own!

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In the agriculture industry, timing is everything. A technology company that provides software and services to farmers knows this well. Many tech companies try to boost their own business by turning to the agriculture industry without realising how different it is to other industries they are used to serving. At Lunarstorm, our clients know us to be thoughtful, targeted, and intentional with our custom software, IT management, and web services.

Over our 20+ years in business and diverse backgrounds, Lunarstorm Technologies has learnt to navigate the complex web of regulations that govern the agriculture industry and developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of farmers. Our team is prepared to deal with the challenges posed by the often-extreme conditions in which agriculture takes place and are flexible and adaptive to the sometimes volatile schedules and seasons! Despite the challenges, serving the agriculture industry is a very rewarding experience for Lunarstorm. We have the opportunity to help farmers solve some of their most pressing problems and to make a real difference in the lives of those who produce our food and agricultural products.

Trust Lunarstorm Technologies as your full-service IT, Web, Software, and SEO company with roots in the agriculture industry. Reach out to get started today!

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