Creator News App


Name: Creator News App

Services: Software Design

Location Serviced: Toronto, Ontario


We created a mobile-friendly app for Creator News, a news aggregator site, for ease of use by readers on their mobile devices. We needed the app to be compatible with all types of devices, so that articles would be easy to for viewers to read. The content is curated by the editors daily, which is then sorted into different categories, so readers can easily navigate through the topics that they’re interested in.


Launching the app was a long process because of all the hoops that needed to be jumped through to get the app approved and listed in the Apple Store and Android Play Store. After the app was created, there was a lot of administrative work to complete before it was available to the public to download for free. We also needed to ensure that the ads on the app were visible, but didn’t obscure the article or get in the way of the reader’s enjoyment. It’s important to keep the page speed as quick as possible, as well.

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