Organic Meadow


Name: Organic Meadow

Services: IT Services

Location Serviced: Guelph, Ontario


Organic Meadow had a pretty powerful server and a decent network setup. But, they were constantly having issues with their ability to work, because their current setup was causing many delays and interruptions. They needed to re-task their systems to give them better reliability for daily operations.


Our team started by re-tasking their server which had much unused power as they had set up a couple of VM servers that weren’t being used to their full potential. We upgraded their server to a full Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 with SQL 2008 and Exchange 2010. We utilized the SQL server to migrate their custom software that was using SQL technology. We set up the Exchange environment to allow them mobile access to their Exchange data. And, we upgraded all their workstations to Windows 7 Pro. We configured a Cisco VPN network to link them to their other location and allow the workstations at that site to also have access to the SQL software as well as the shared data folder structure we set up.

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