NOW Toronto


Name: NOW Toronto

Services: Web Design

Location Serviced: Toronto, Ontario


NOW Toronto wanted a website refresh that represented their current brand identity, was responsive on all platforms, easy to place ads on pages, and was able to host all of their content which includes thousands of individual pages. They also wanted to ensure that the website was easy for their editors to post new articles and sponsored content, while also looking professional to readers.


Lunarstorm worked with NOW’s editorial team to audit and resolve SEO issues that were impeded by their rich database of historical content, then established SEO best practices that their editors should be using moving forward. For their web design, our team worked with NOW’s art director, Daniel De Souza, to create a design that was in line with the magazine’s current brand. We also streamlined their event listings page and the event submission process so that it would be more intuitive for users.

Because they had so much content on their website, we also had to resolve their website loading speed problems. We switched their website host, reducing overall fees by ~50%, improved Google performance KPIs by ~33%, and improved system responsiveness for end-users. Along with this, we audited and ensured security best practices related to user behaviour and technical system configuration.

We continue to maintain and improve their website and SEO as requested by their editorial and design staff by writing custom HTML and streamlining their work flow.

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