Kitchener Executive Consultants


Name: Kitchener Executive Consultants

Services: Software Design

Location Serviced: Kitchener, Ontario


Kitchener Executive Consultants are an employment agency. They wanted a custom software program to help them sort through the professional recruitment process for their clients and keep the team organized and up to date.


Our team created a software program for their agents to keep track of the progress for clients and which jobs they have already applied to or are awaiting response from. The program also stored information in a private cloud database about each candidate (60,000+) such as their educational background, previous job experience and skills, and contact information. Agents could leave internal comments whenever there was progress made on a candidate’s job application.

The program had the ability to perform real-time search across all qualified candidate resumes, using boolean keyword search and relevance matching. We also simplified KEC’s work flow with the generation of digital documents such as job placement sponsorships, references, terms, and automating public job postings and online application forms for distribution on public job boards.

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