Gemini Homebuilders


Name: Gemini Homebuilders

Services: IT Services

Location Serviced: Guelph, Ontario


Gemini Homebuilders came to us when they decided to move into a new building in Guelph with only a few computers. They needed us to take care of setting up their wired and wireless networks, set up a server environment and add several new workstation computers. The new building gave us the opportunity to start from scratch.


We managed the setup and configuration of their wired and wireless network, set up a new Microsoft Server and set up their domain to manage all their email and data, added new Windows 10 workstations along with user accounts and email. We also set up the Shared data structure to allow access restrictions to the sensitive data while giving access to certain data for all users. We set up accounting software on the server to manage user access, as well as a custom software package for them to manage their business.

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