AGF Defcom


Name: AGF Defcom

Services: IT Services

Location Serviced: Chesapeake, VA


AGF Defcom is a new division of AGF Machining starting from the ground up and wanted all new IT infrastructure setup at an American location.


Our team purchased a new Dell server with current server technology as well as new Windows 10 Dell workstations. We pre-configured both the Dell server and networking devices to be shipped and plugged in at the US location to allow us remote connectivity. We completed the server and workstation setup remotely as well as set up networking and wireless systems remotely. Lunarstorm also configured a VPN tunnel between the locations to allow them remote access as well. We set up a new email system in the cloud ensuring that all devices including iPhones, iPads, and Blackberries could access the network and were fully up to date with all their email, calendar, and contacts. We fully maintain the server, workstations and networking remotely.

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