HJV Equipment


Name: HJV Equipment

Services: Software Design

Location Serviced: Alliston, Ontario


HJV Equipment was looking for a better way to get consistency between their sales teams including how paperwork was handled as well as communications of the needs of the current and potential clients. They previously were tracking information using Excel spreadsheets and an Outlook calendar.


Lunarstorm provided a cloud-based software application that allowed the sales team to write and deliver consistent-looking quotes to potential clients from any device, whether it was on a desktop, mobile, or tablet. They were also easily able to track various sales metrics including dates and time for demos of the equipment they were selling. We also set up automatic email reminders to follow up with clients, finalize deals, and confirm delivery of the sales items. We automated the customer printout and sales agreements process, and created a live statistics panel so employees could view sales trends for certain types of equipment and other conversion metrics.

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