Alliance Roofing & Sheet Metal


Name: Alliance Roofing & Sheet Metal

Services: IT Services

Location Serviced: Guelph, Ontario


Alliance Roofing has been a long-time client and we have worked with them through a number of system upgrades over the years as they want to make sure that their computer networks are always kept up to date and working properly.


Our team has already migrated and upgraded their server a couple of times, including getting them to their current Dell systems with the latest server technologies. We migrated their email system to the cloud ensuring that all devices including iPhones, iPads, and Blackberries could access the network and were fully up to date with all their email, calendar, and contacts. We were also charged with handling the remote access of security cameras. We also set up a dedicated server for their current accounting system, and continue to handle the set up, configuration, and transfer of all mobile device data as they continuously replace or upgrade these devices to keep up with current technology.

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