Meet The Lunarstorm Team!

At Lunarstorm, we’re not your average tech nerds! We are a team of talented, diverse, and friendly individuals who are passionate about helping others. Our skills span IT Services, web design, software design, SEO and content writing, photography, sales, and more. Contact us today to get started with your project!

Aidan Gillis Lunarstorm Technologies About Us

Aidan Gillis – Leadership, Strategy, Sales

Aidan is the owner of Lunarstorm, ultimate foodie, self-described nerd, and lover of poignant quotes. When not in the office, you can find Aidan out on a hike with the dogs, hunting, or in the garden getting some fresh veg for dinner. Aidan’s your guy for vision, leadership, and great recommendations for just about anything! 

Ron Melanson – IT Director

Ron is our highly-experienced IT Director with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. He’s your guy for A+IT advice! A man with many talents, Ron is the lead guitarist for Toronto band, Ear Candy, and does photography and graphic design on the side. You can find Ron on a hike, capturing picturesque landscapes and chasing waterfalls.

Darren Rodrigues – Jr. IT Administrator

Darren has degrees in Photonics Engineering and Physics, but has always been interested in IT. He realized that he liked IT even more than physics, so we snapped him up into our IT team! Outside of work, you might find him working on various electronics and laser projects, restoring old cars, hiking, playing video games, or chowing down on a good poutine!

Taylor Haydock – Project Manager

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, Taylor is our resident Kiwi and Project Manager. When she’s not responding to emails, drafting proposals and in meetings, you can find her cooking, eating vegemite toast, or having a margarita in the sun. She’s always busy — studying part-time to get her Master’s degree, exercising, crafting, and spending time with the hubby! She’s your gal for all your project management + sales needs!

Jasper Tey – Full Stack Software Developer

Jasper (pictured here with BFF Bear) is our resident software guru. His love of nature takes him and Bear out on some epic backpacking and backcountry camping adventures. Jasper also loves photography and videography, running, and has mastered plant-based cooking — so he’s your go-to for any recommendations on dairy alternatives!

Jack Colvin – Full Stack Web Developer

Meet Jack — our lead web developer and fastest scroller in the West. Jack is not just another generic food and nature lover, but loves going to concerts, listening to indie music, and getting some time out on the water in a kayak or jet-ski. Jack never disappoints with insightful web recommendations, food chat, and a cheeky joke here and there!

Katherine McMaster – Jr. Web Developer

Katherine — dog mama, astrology buff, and web extraordinaire! The wonderful and hilarious Jakey and Meeko are always spending time with their mama, spoilt with cuddles and walks, and love to pop their heads into a Teams meeting every now and then! Katherine is ultra-reliable, working closely with Jack and Karen to create beautiful websites!

Karen K. Tran – Content & SEO Writer

Karen works in the content and SEO side of the web team. Angel, her recently-adopted fat cat, gets food envy seeing the masterpieces that come out of Karen’s kitchen, with homemade noodles and home-brewed kombucha as a few standouts! Fun fact — Karen is a music journalist and photographer as well.

Brandon Klassen – Jr. Software Developer

Brandon fits right in with the Lunarstorm team with his love of road trips, camping, kayaking, and cooking. He is equally as nerdy as he is outdoorsy. Brandon enjoys all things H.P. Lovecraft, watching Disney movies, and gaming in his free time.

Emeshe Nagy-Zambo – Jr. Web Developer

Our resident co-op student, Emeshe, is a budding web developer with an interest in all things creative. She loves to take on new challenges, from building websites to building canoes — she does it all! Outside of work you can usually find her working on a painting, going for a run, or training in Muay Thai.